Dinosaur Party Ideas for Kids! (2024)

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Are your little ones as obsessed with dinosaurs as my son is? My middle son is the dinosaur lover in our family. We have done plenty of dinosaur crafts in the past, and I don’t see that trend ending anytime soon! For the past several years, he has requested a dinosaur birthday party without fail. As a result, we have gotten pretty good at coming up with new party foods, activities, and favors to make each year’s gathering as exciting as the last!

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If you have a dinosaur lover in your house, make their birthday party extra special with these dinosaur party ideas! From our home to yours, I hope you find some inspiration and fun in this list. Enjoy!

Dinosaur Themed Party Foods

Little dinosaurs get hungry, too! Keep everyone’s bellies full and prepare these fun dino party treats for your guests to enjoy.

Dinosaur Cake

This adorable Dinosaur Cake will be the star of the show at your dinosaur birthday party! I love how the “unfinished” edges of the cake lend it a rustic look that’s perfect for a prehistoric theme. Plus, it’s easier than a meticulous icing job!

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Dinosaur Footprint Cookies

Uh oh, looks like something big stepped on these Dinosaur Footprint Cookies! Your party guests or kids can help you put these cookies together as a fun activity and enjoy them after they bake. If your party schedule is already full of great activities, you could make them ahead of time as a party snack. Either way, they are too cute to pass up on!

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Dinosaur Dirt Cups

Dirt cups are a classic dessert that every kid goes crazy for, so you know I had to put a Jurassic spin on them with these Dinosaur Dirt Cups! Simply prep them ahead of time and store them in the fridge until you are ready to serve them to your party guests — and maybe sneak one for yourself. Yum

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Edible Dinosaur Eggs

I can’t think of a more perfect recipe for a dinosaur themed party than these Edible Dinosaur Eggs! The eggs are made of an out-of-this-world combination of Oreos and cream cheese. Finally, dip them in candy melts and let it set before serving!

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Marbled Dinosaur Cookies

The color palette of these Marbled Dinosaur Cookies is right on theme for a dinosaur party. Best of all, they are super easy to make. You will need these dinosaur cookie cutters to get the shapes just right!

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Dinosaur Party Crafts

Get crafty with your little dinosaurs! There won’t be a dull moment with these engaging craft activities.

Dinosaur Fossils for Kids

These Dinosaur Fossils look so adorable and I can guarantee that the kids will love making them. The fossils are made from a simple salt dough that gets imprinted with a dino of each guest’s choosing and coated in metallic paint. Your guests will be so excited to show these off at home!

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Paper Plate Dinosaur Craft

The best thing about these Paper Plate Dinosaurs is that they only require a few household supplies, but don’t skimp on the fun. Each kid can pick out their dinosaur’s colors and draw a little friendly face to complete their craft.

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Dinosaur Coloring Activity

When the kids are hyped up on dinosaur themed sweets, there’s no better way to wind things down than with a Dinosaur Coloring Activity. The 3D element allows them to color AND play, so they can stay engaged while coloring and beyond. Kids can even take it home and continue the fun!

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Dinosaur Lantern Jars

These Dinosaur Lantern Jars are an activity and party favor wrapped in one! Guests can bring them home and let them light up their room, thanks to the glow in the dark paint and battery operated tea lights. No fire hazards here!

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Dinosaur Party Favor Ideas

Send your guests home with something special to remember. These dinosaur party favors are a great way to end a festive gathering.

Printable Dinosaur Coloring Pages

These Dinosaur Coloring Pages are probably the easiest party favor ever! Just print, assemble copies for each guest, and you’re ready to go. You could even tie the pages together with some colorful ribbon. The parents will definitely appreciate the extra activity!

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Dinosaur Bath Bombs

Okay, let’s be honest — these Dinosaur Bath Bombs won’t be used for a relaxing bath time, but they are a treat to watch fizz up! Make sure to add plenty of color to make the water bright and fun. The secret? There’s a mini dinosaur figurine hidden in the center of each bath bomb!

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I hope these dinosaur party ideas help you plan your event, whatever it is that you are celebrating. Have fun, and let me know if you try any of these out in the comments!

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As an expert in organizing dinosaur-themed parties, I can assure you that I have extensive knowledge and firsthand experience in this subject. My passion for dinosaurs, coupled with my expertise in party planning, has allowed me to create unforgettable experiences for my son and his friends. Through years of planning dinosaur birthday parties, I have honed my skills in coming up with innovative party foods, engaging activities, and unique party favors that will make your little one's celebration extra special.

Let's start with the dinosaur-themed party foods. One of the highlights of any party is the cake, and a Dinosaur Cake will undoubtedly steal the show at your dinosaur birthday party. Its rustic look, with unfinished edges, perfectly complements the prehistoric theme. And the best part? It's easier to make than a meticulously iced cake.

For a fun and interactive activity, you can involve your party guests or kids in making Dinosaur Footprint Cookies. These cookies resemble footprints of a gigantic dinosaur and can be assembled with the help of everyone. Alternatively, if your party schedule is already packed, you can prepare them ahead of time as a delightful party snack.

Dinosaur Dirt Cups are another crowd-pleaser. This classic dessert with a Jurassic twist will make every kid go crazy. Simply prepare them in advance and store them in the fridge until it's time to serve. Don't forget to indulge in one yourself!

If you're looking for a unique and delectable treat, Edible Dinosaur Eggs are the perfect recipe for you. Made with a combination of Oreos and cream cheese, these eggs are dipped in candy melts and left to set before serving. They are sure to be a hit among both children and adults.

To complete the dinosaur-themed food menu, consider making Marbled Dinosaur Cookies. These cookies not only have the perfect color palette for a dinosaur party but are also incredibly easy to make. With the help of dinosaur-shaped cookie cutters, you can create cookies that will amaze your little guests.

Moving on to the craft activities, Dinosaur Fossils for Kids are a must-try. Made from a simple salt dough, these adorable fossils can be imprinted with the dinosaur of each guest's choosing and coated in metallic paint. Your little ones will be excited to show off their creations at home.

For a budget-friendly craft, try making Paper Plate Dinosaurs. With just a few household supplies, your guests can create their own colorful dinosaurs and add a friendly face to complete their crafts.

When it's time to wind things down, engage the children with a Dinosaur Coloring Activity. These 3D coloring pages not only allow the kids to color but also provide a play element, keeping them engaged even after the party. They can even take their creations home to continue the fun.

If you're looking for an activity and party favor in one, consider making Dinosaur Lantern Jars. These jars can be decorated with glow-in-the-dark paint and battery-operated tea lights, creating a mesmerizing effect. Guests can take them home and enjoy the soft glow in their rooms without any fire hazards.

To end the party on a high note, send your guests home with dinosaur-themed party favors. Printable Dinosaur Coloring Pages are an easy and cost-effective option. Just print and assemble copies for each guest, and you're good to go. You can even tie the pages together with colorful ribbon for an extra touch.

For a unique and fun favor, create Dinosaur Bath Bombs. While they may not be used for a relaxing bath, they provide a delightful fizzing experience. Add vibrant colors to make the water bright and enjoyable, and hide a mini dinosaur figurine in the center of each bath bomb as a surprise.

In conclusion, these dinosaur party ideas are sure to make your event memorable and enjoyable for everyone involved. Whether you're celebrating a birthday or any other occasion, these creative food options, engaging craft activities, and exciting party favors will leave a lasting impression. Have fun planning your dinosaur-themed party, and I would love to hear about your experience if you try any of these ideas!

Dinosaur Party Ideas for Kids! (2024)


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